Community Mediation

Équijustice offers citizen mediation and specialized mediation services for anyone who wishes to initiate a process of dialogue, outside of traditional procedures. Free and confidential, the service is accessible to all.

Whether you are concerned by conflicts, cybercrime, harassment, intimate violence, mistreatment, our mediators are there to listen to your wishes impartially, to equip you and help you deal with these situations.

With the exception of family law situations (separation, divorce or custody of children) and urgent situations, all requests will be examined.

At Équijustice, we mean by mediation, any process of dialogue between people, whatever the subject or form. These exchanges are not necessarily face to face. They can take different forms (in person, by letter, by telephone, by videoconference, etc.). These terms should be explored with the mediation team: we offer you a citizen mediation and specialized mediation service tailored to your needs.

People who wish to get involved in this type of process are voluntary and can withdraw from the process at any time.

Managing conflict in the community

Sometimes conflicts arise and help is needed.

Citizen mediation aims to promote people's access to and involvement in justice activities, outside the courts, to promote communication and living together, to set up spaces for exchanges security between people, to restore the broken social bond, to equip people and help them to face conflicting situations for the situations of the daily life:

  • neighborhood,
  • interpersonal and intra-family relationships,
  • between citizens and public or private organizations,
  • between consumers and merchants,
  • in the workplace, at school, in sports, in health establishments,
  • in the context of close assistance,
  • any other conflict situation.

Our mediators are there to support you whatever your situation! Consult our member directory to find the point of service in your area:

Intimate violence and serious crimes against the person

Équijustice offers a dialogue service for victims, perpetrators and witnesses of sexual violence and other serious crimes against the person such as

  • incest,
  • sexual assault,
  • domestic and physical violence,
  • mistreatment and abuse of adults and elders,
  • homicide,
  • cyber harassment
  • any other serious criminal situation against the person.

Specialized mediation can be considered:

  • at any time in a person's life,
  • whether he had a complaint or not,
  • between the people directly linked by the acts (victims, relatives and aggressors concerned)
  • or with substitute persons for related acts.

For more information, contact Catherine Voyer, Coordinator of Restorative Justice Services for Sexual Assault, at 514 522-2554 ext. 2011 or

Équijustice's intervention and mediation teams use the relational approach, designed, developed and tested by Serge Charbonneau and Catherine Rossi. First used for serious crimes as part of the Correctional Service of Canada’s “Opportunity for Restorative Justice” program, this approach is just as appropriate for delicate situations as it is for day-to-day conflicts. It is on this model and with the same degree of professionalism that the people who act at Équijustice are trained and submit to a certification and accreditation process which provides for the criteria to be met in order to act as a mediator within the network. 

We listen

A mediator will meet with you and listen without judgment. They will explore the expectations you have regarding this situation as well as the different options available to you.

We accompagny

Our mediators will foster a respectful environment and dialogue without bias. With their support, everyone will be led to identify the conditions favorable to good communication.

We support

The mediator will be an important resource to help you develop your communication skills.