Complaint form

Complaints involving an Équijustice

The concerned Équijustice receives and handles the complaints, comments or suggestions related to either a service offered by the Équijustice or the behavior of one of its staff members.

Please take note that any information you communicate is confidential. In order to make our services more accessible, do not hesitate to send your complaints to us. We are committed to respect your expectations and to give you an answer in the shortest time possible.


You can fill out the following electronic complaint form. Once our team receives the completed form, we will contact you.


Équijustice does not handle the following complaints:

  • complaints concerning services that are not part of the Mission or not one of the services provided by an Équijustice
  • complaints against an organization suggested by an Équijustice. Depending on the case, you can contact the concerned organization.



A complaint is the expression of dissatisfaction by a person related to a service rendered by an Équijustice

Governing principles


Quality of services is at the heart of Équijustice organizations’ concerns. We consider that every person must be able to make a complaint concerning rendered services. It is for this reason that we make available the appropriate form on the Équijustice website.

Simplicity and diligence

Every user must be able to easily communicate his or her dissatisfaction by writing to an Équijustice management while being assured of receiving a clear, precise and diligent response with reasons.

Confidentiality and Impartiality

All comments will be handled with the same attention in a confidential and impartial manner.

Procedure for handling complaints

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the user who filed a complaint by the General Management of the concerned Équijustice within two (2) working days after taking knowledge of the complaint. It will be reviewed through an internal analysis and an answer will be communicated to the person who lodged the complaint within fifteen (15) working days following the date indicated on the acknowledgment of receipt.

In the event that the person who filed a complaint is dissatisfied with the follow-up given to his/her request by the Management of the Équijustice, he/she will then have to bring the matter directly to the Board of Directors in writing. The same procedure (acknowledgement of receipt, internal analysis and answer to the complainant) will be taken by the Board. of Directors.