About us

Equijustice is a network of restorative justice and community mediation with 23 Équijustice across Quebec.

March 15th 2018, The Regroupement des organismes de justice alternative du Québec becomes Équijustice

The Mission of Equijustice

To develop a fair and accessible justice for all by inviting people to engage themselves in the management of the difficulties they are living in the community, and to accompany them with respect for their rights and their differences.

The Principes of Équijustice


Welcoming everyone with consideration, availability, and listen to their needs.


Be attentive to each person and respect their rhythm.


Favoring dialogue between people.


Favoring a collaborative approach and be complimentary to our partners’ work.

Our Objectives

The network aims to:

  • Promote the services of our members;
  • Develop, support, and structure the practices of our members;
  • Favor the exchange of information and expertise.

Our Activities

Since 1989, the network has ensured that our activities benefit our members, our partners, and citizens. Our areas of intervention are the following:

Representation: representing the members at the governmental level, and places where the orientations of justice and the financing thereof are discussed.

Support and information: by supporting members in their representation and in some of their administrative procedures.

Animation of committees and working groups: by cooperating with the intervention workers, and the Equijustice directors to develop and improve their services offered.

Standards of practice: by creating manuals that guide our practices, developing relevant trainings, and creating the ethical standards related to them.

Accreditation of mediators: by encouraging a self-regulatory credit system, establishing the criteria associated with achieving the title of mediator, while always assuming the obligations of continued training of salaried and non-salaried mediators

Training: In offering base trainings covering all practices of our members. Also, our training in mediation is available to anyone interested, that lives in Canada or abroad.

Conferences: sharing our expertise within Canada and abroad.

Research: in collaborating on different research projects concerning our services and the judicial process in its entirety. We are currently participating in the ADAJ project