Understand the situation and meet the other

At the start, we had a lot of resistance to this [mediation] approach, but you were able to put us at ease and reassure us. We never thought we would be able to sit down with the parents of our son's abuser. However, this is what we agreed to do after several days of reflection and believe me, it was the best decision we could have made. You were able to put us in confidence and above all let us say what we wanted. This meeting made it possible to better understand the situation and to say what we had experienced. It was a very nice meeting where people respected each other and listened to each other. Even before the meeting, it was clear that we would never give them a hand at the start and end of the meeting. However, we got up first to go to the abuser's parents and shake their hands with sincerity. I am very grateful for all the work done and the support provided by your organization. Today, despite the events that have occurred, we have the feeling that everything is settled and we have no grudges towards the parents and the aggressor himself. It could have been our son… Thank you.