Restore communication between neighbors

"I had an altercation with my neighbor on June 21, 2021. I called my local police department to ask them what could be done. They referred me to the Equijustice mediation service located in Repentigny. The first meeting with the two mediators took place on September 24. They explained to me how they worked and above all they emphasized the fact that at any time I could stop the process. This warning was also addressed to my neighbour. I explained to them what I was going through, I had made a document on the chronology of events in support. Over the course of our meetings, this document was enhanced by questions from the mediators and by my reflections. I found the process slow, but I believe it was necessary. The meetings allowed me to see that communication, respect for each party and empathy are at the heart of the process. Finally, the meeting with my neighbor took place on March 19, 2022. We reached an agreement in less than 15 minutes. Thank you to the two mediators for believing in people!" DP, beneficiary of citizen mediation services at Équijustice Lanaudière Sud