Recognize the human

Four volunteers share their vision of volunteering and citizen mediation in the Équijustice network.

Amateur photographer, dynamic and cheerful retiree, Denis has been a volunteer for the citizen mediation service at Équijustice Rive-Sud for several years. He shares with us the motivations that led him to volunteer: to help, to feel useful, to relate to others, to learn.

Diane has cooperation at heart: she is a resident involved in a housing cooperative, volunteer since 2006 for the good neighborhood line of the federation of coops of Estrie and volunteer for the citizen mediation service at Équijustice Estrie since 2011. This lover of blues music and animals, talks to us about the importance of her voluntary commitment and living together.

Marie-Julie is a volunteer without borders. After having lived in Belgium and having traveled to the four corners of the world, Marie-Julie put down her suitcases in Quebec where she took root. Committed since her childhood, for Marie-Julie volunteering is a "way of being in the world". Marie-Julie is a volunteer at Équijustice Drummond.

Nancy is a mediator at heart, both at work and in her personal life. A volunteer mediator at Équijustice Montréal Ouest and accredited by the Institut de mediation et d'arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ), Nancy seizes every opportunity to help people gain perspective on their situation, reconnect with others, restore communication and to recreate the broken link.