Finding better option than punishment

“The community service that I done [gardening project] made me appreciate being outdoors and active. The gardening training was the best part for me and I am glad that I was able to do that before I started to do the work in the garden. It was peaceful to be in the garden and water the vegetables it was easier than I thought to do my hours. I liked working in isolation to think about things and take my mind off things. The work made me do something positive and distract me, otherwise I would maybe do something negative instead. In the future I am now thinking about working and also making a garden next year with my Dad.”

“I believe the community service done my son good particularly as there was a structure with time and tasks for work – something he is not ordinarily doing. He learnt about how to maintain a garden and was enthusiast about fresh vegetables, and the process of cultivating fresh produce – one day he came back with a tomato and was talking about how different it tastes! I don’t believe that my son saw the community work as a punishment, rather a better option of how he could complete the process, he felt supported with this work and understood and respected as person. My son got something from this, though as yet I believe time will be able to tell the result of the benefit of his service…"