Getting involved for the betterment of the community

Volunteering elevates me! I rise because getting involved for the betterment of the community is so rewarding. I rise because I accompany citizens in citizen mediation who also seek to get involved for their well-being. I rise, because I am accompanied by a formidable team. And above all, above all, volunteering makes me feel good. I am Geneviève, a volunteer at Équijustice as a citizen mediator for the past year. I chose Équijustice because I have a deep feeling that we have all the resources within us to improve our relationships with others. Sometimes, we simply need to be guided to make them emerge and it is my role to accompany citizens in this discovery. Each situation has its solution and each solution is a step towards more satisfying relationships with others. This is the beauty of mediation! I invite you to join our teams of citizen mediators, we are supported by a professional team and we have training that allows us to assume our role well. Genevieve