Local Commitments

In accordance with their mission and their principles, members of the Équijustice network are conscientious to contribute to the well-being of the community. By providing interventions geared toward the individuals, we can help them identify the elements of their conflicts, accompany them in the verbal exchange regardless of their personal situation. In doing so, we strive for all people to coexist.    


Members of the Équijustice network listen to the concerns of their partners and of the general population. They are conscientious to contribute positively to better relationships between members of the community.


By combining our strengths with our partners’, members of the network provide interventions that meet the concerns of the community. We work with a collaborative approach believing in the strengths of the individuals involved in the conflict.


In the field, members of the network support the community by providing referrals to community resources, by sharing their knowledge and by providing the expertise.

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