The Regroupement des organismes de justice alternative du Québec becomes Équijustice

Published on 15 March 2018

Quebec, March 15, 2018 – Citizens seeking fair and accessible justice services can now turn to one single organization no matter where they are in Quebec: Équijustice. In fact, this is the allnew name of the Regroupement des organismes de justice alternative du Québec (ROJAQ), which today unveiled its new brand image, now identifying each member of its network. The announcement was made before some one hundred members and partners, who were also introduced to the new and particularly user-friendly website. 

“ The use of an identical brand image throughout the network is intended to make it easier for citizens to seek out justice se rvices such as those we offer,” explained Serge Charbonneau, Director of the É quijustice restorative justice and citizen mediation network. “In addit ion to increasing accessibility, this change is in keeping with emerging organizational trends to deliver a message that is as clear as possible wh en addressing the public. The adoption of the name ‘Équijustice’—whic h will allow citizens t o easily identif your services in their respective regi n s — reflects this choice.”

Équijustice: an equitable approach 

The Équijustice network stands out in the Quebec legal world, in particular because of two major services for citizens. On the one hand, it offers restorative justice, a means by which wrongs caused by an infraction can be righted, whether these wrongs have affected an individual or the community. This approach gives each party the opportunity to participate in the reparation process, in an open and respectful environment, as afforded under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) and the General alternative measures program (GAMP). Équijustice also uses citizen mediation, a process that encourages conflict management in the community by focusing on communication and dialogue, whether this involves interpersonal disputes, disputes between neighbours, workplace disputes, and others. 


Created in 1989 under the name of the ROJAQ, the Équijustice network is a non-profit organization that today is made up of 23 members located throughout Quebec. Its mission is to develop justice that is equitable and accessible to all, encouraging people to get involved in managing the difficulties they may experience within the community by offering support to ensure that their rights and differences are respected. 


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